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How to recognise harmful email messages

You may occasionally receive email messages purporting to be from the Administrator, Postmaster or support team. Typically, these messages inform you that your system is infected with a virus or that your email account has been suspended and that you should run some attachment to correct the problem. Please ignore these requests and delete the messages without opening the attachments. They contain viruses!

There are a few ways to recognise genuine messages. Firstly, they are signed Administrator or Email Administrator in bold letters. Secondly, we would never send out an email informing you to rid your system of a virus without direct guidance from us. In the event of a genuine virus, we may send messages advising you to shut off your computer and then an administrator would make contact to assist you in removing the virus. In the case of issues with your mailbox, the most we may advise is that you delete some of your messages to reduce your mailbox size. This is our standard operating procedure.


Email Administrator