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From the media: Severe flooding in cane fields - GUYSUCO reports

The following article was taken from the Guyana Chronicle website, February 3, 2005 issue.

Severe flooding in cane fields
-GUYSUCO reports

OFFICIALS or the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GUYSUCO) estates have assured that they have been giving all possible assistance in
dealing with the flooding in several coastal areas.

A joint statement yesterday from the General Managers of the East Demerara Estates and the West Demerara Estates noted that the GUYSUCO drainage system has been operating at full capacity to remove the flood waters.

However, the sugar corporation said the rainfall received was many times above the capacity of the system and hence the rapid build up of water levels in the coastal areas.

GUYSUCO assured that all possible measures have been and are being taken to minimise the flooding of the front land villages and pointed out that the corporation has not "at any time diverted waters or cut dams so as to divert waters into the village areas".

"The reverse is in fact the case and the GUYSUCO pumps and kokers (sluices) are drawing water out of the villages along both the East and West Coast, "the stateinent said. The cultivation in both East and West Demerara have suffered severe flooding and at present the majority of LBI and Enmore (major estates on the East Coast) area is still under water.

At Wales and Uitvlugt estates on the West Bank and West Demerara, about half the area is still flooded, the officials said.