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Maintenance Day at ISD

Dear all,

Please note that on second Saturday of every month, between 12:00 (noon) to 18:00 hrs, ISD will be conducting routine and urgently required maintenance work on several of the IT systems housed at ISD, Camp Street and else where in the industry. The coordinated maintenance allows ISD to undertake maintenance of several systems simultaneously with minimum system down time. If undertaken separately, down times will accumulate since every subsystem will lead to system non-availability.

Specific Advice will be issued every month regarding the systems ( Oracle Apps, Sugar Pay, e-mail and PFs, Internet, VPN, website, intranet, estate LANs etc) likely to be affected.

Users are advised to reschedule their work plan during this maintenance window.

You may forward any suggestions in this regard to Mr Hector Isadore.




M: 624-0209

T: 227-0438