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Inventory Order Management Purchasing Accounts Receivable

Human Resources

How to Create an Inventory Item Creating a Customer How to Auto- Create a High Value Purchase Order (HVPO) Creating a manual AR Invoice Entering Employee Personal and Assignment Information
Creating a manual AR Receipt
How to do Receipt (Purchase Order & Intransit) Creating a Sales Order- Cash and Credit How to Create a Blanket Agreement Reversing Cash Sale Receipts Recruitment Process
How to Create a Subinventory and Locator Creating a Sales Order (Small Farmers) - Molasses How to Create a Consigned Purchase Order Cancelling AR Invoices(Credit Memo) Entering Promotions,Demotions, Transfers and Acting Assignment
Creating a Sales Order -Cash and Credit-Bottled Molasses
How to Create an Inventory Organization Creating a Sales Order- Cash and Credit- White Sugar How to Create a Low Value Purchase Order(LVPO) How to Generate a Credit Memo after RMA on a Sales Order Flex Field Setup for Jobs and Positions
How to setup an item UOM, Class and Conversion Creating A Sales Order (Foreign Sales)- Molasses How to Create a Purchase Requisition(PR) Adding Charges to Invoices Using Standard Documents from HRMS
How to Query Item Cost Cancelling a Sales Order How to Create a Request for Quotation(RFQ) Creating Auto-Invoice Entering Employee Details, Assignment Information, Human Resource Budgets, Reports, attachments and documents of record
How to Perform an Item Cost Update How to do a item Return on a Sales Order-RMA( Material Return Authorization) How to Open a Purchasing Period How to Check Unaccounted Receipt Mass Update of Grades
How to do a item Receipt from a Sales Order-RMA Receipt
How to Perform an Intransit Shipment Adding Pre-Payment to Foreign Sales Order How To Cancel a PO (Header and Line)   Creating Position Hierarchies
How to setup a Shipping Network Creating Purchase Order for White Sugar How To Remove VAT on PO   Entering Management Trainee as Contingent Worker, Terminating and Hiring as Employee
How to Create a Major-Minor Commodity Code Approving Purchase Order For White Sugar How to Add Items to Approve Supplier List(ASL)   Changing Applicant to Employee- Maintain using Template
How to Assign item to Category PO Receipt of White Sugar How to view PO history   Entering Employee Cadetship Assignment
How to Perform a Write Off or Write On Inter-Org Transfer of White Sugar How to run PO with VAT Report    
How to Setup a Material Status Sugar and Molasses Declaration- (New Process)      
How to setup a new Transaction Type Molasses Issue to Ethanol      
How to close an Inventory Period Ethanol Receipt Into Inventory      
Molasses Issue for Bottling
Bottled Molasses Receipt Into Inventory
How to create a Move Order Issue Creating Internal Requisiton(Sugar)      
How to set up a Manufacturer and Part Number Internal Sales Order Creation(Order Import)- Sugar      
How to do a Purchase Order(PO) Return Picking and Shipping- (New Process)      
How to set up Lot Control Picking and Shipping(Old Process)      
Cash Purchase Receipt and Issue How To Move Sales Order from Released to Warehouse      
Fuel Move Order (DFF) Receiving Sugar at DST and Rose Hall      
Moving Quantity from Incorrect to Correct Item Number        
How to Approve Reject Cycle Count      
How to do a return to Stores using MRF      
Issue Items Received Under Incorrect Lot      
Move Order Transfer ODC      
Receiving Items Under Lot Control