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Daily Production Reports

 The current crop is: Crop 2, 2020  
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Daily Production Report
for Thursday, August 13, 2020

Industry Tonnes Sugar (crop-to-date): 2,544.215
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Run No.--2-2--1--

Punts In Dock This AM--163-94--127--
Punts Burnt Aback--545-335--235--
Punts Loading--545-325--324--
Punts Ground--693-395--285-1373
Tonnes Cane Ground--3596.11-2417.145--1501.33-7514.585
Tonnes Cane / Punt~~5.189~6.119~~5.268~5.473
Tonnes Cane / Hour~~169.95~101.77~~102.48~~
Tonnes Cane Ground - week~~13879.96~10033.43~~2805.34~26718.73

Cane Quality
Pol % Cane~~7.56~8.81~~9.65~8.38
Fibre % Cane~~20.29~16.35~~21.75~19.31
% Ripener--0-100--64-45

Act Pol Extraction~~91.84~90.33~~91.06~91.2
Reduced Pol Extraction~~95.42~92.93~~95.41~94.62
Absolute Juice Lost % Fibre~~32.06~49.47~~32.15~~
Imbibition % Cane~~46.77~45.51~~60.08~~
Imbibition % Fibre~~231~278~~276~~
Mixed Juice % Cane~~104.54~110.44~~114.43~~
Tonnes Juice / Hour~~177.67~112.4~~117.27~~
Bagasse Pol~~1.46~2.43~~1.89~~
Bagasse Moisture~~49.67~50.03~~49.68~~

Juice Quality
Crusher Juice Brix--14.95-14.34--15.72--
Crusher Juice Purity~~72.91~77.89~~78.88~~
Mixed Juice Brix--9.22-9.38--9.88--
Mixed Juice Purity~~72.02~76.87~~77.73~~
Clear Juice Brix--8.86-9.50--10.14--
Clear Juice Purity--72.35-77.26--78.20--
Syrup Brix--58.12-60.70--61.91--
Syrup Purity--72.61-76.53--78.60--
Final Molasses Brix--80.79-83.00-----
Final Molasses Purity--33.54-32.80-----
Filter Cake Pol--1.68-1.18--1.39--
FEJ - MJ purity~~0.89~1.03~~1.15~~
Evaporation %~~84.76~84.35~~83.62~~
Kg Water evap/m2/hr~~31~30~~31~~

A Massecuite Brix--91.46-92.28--90.55--
A Massecuite Purity--76.43-77.50--79.10--
B Massecuite Brix----92.92--93.60--
B Massecuite Purity----68.42--70.70--
C Massecuite Brix--95.02-96.42-----
C Massecuite Purity--58.30-53.72-----
Magma Brix--90.03-91.88-----
Magma Purity--83.97-82.80-----

Sugar Quality
Sugar Pol--98.35-98.24--97.4-98.117
Sugar Moisture--0.34-0.24--0.42-0.32
Whole Sugar Colour--2796-2294----2048.28

Tonnes Sugar--202.05-162.481--93.249-457.78
Tonnes Sugar - week~~763.027~665.22~~165.478~1593.725
TC/TS - week~~18.191~15.083~~16.953~16.765
Tonnes Sugar - crop-to-date~~1559.162~819.575~~165.478~2544.215

  Tonnes Sugar In Bins--142.544-547.279--37.903--
  Tonnes Sugar In Bags - Factory And Wharf--59.350-0.000--4.150--
  Tonnes Sugar In Process--324.757-248.086--127.575--
  Tonnes Sugar Shipped--141.650-0.000--0.000--
  Days to Full Storage Capacity - bags~~~~23.8~~13.4~~
  Days to Full Storage Capacity - bins~~0.2~10.3~~10.1~~
  Tonnes Molasses In Tank--34.748-454.468-----
  Days to Overflow~~~~19.8~~~~~
Tonnes Sugar Shipped - week~~506.855~0~~0~506.855
Tonnes Sugar Shipped - crop-to-date~~1038.845~0~~0~1038.845

Time Account (hours)
Out Of Cane Time--2.34-0--0.75-3.09
Factory Time Lost----0.25--8.6-8.85
Premed Weekend Time----0----0
Actual Grinding Time--21.16-23.75--14.65-59.56
Time On Strike----0----0
Total Time Account00240240024072
Out Of Cane Time - week~~40.37~31.66~~0.75~72.78
Factory Time Lost - week~~8.26~3.5~~14.43~26.19
Premed Weekend Time - week~~12~10.42~~0~22.42
Actual Grinding Time - week~~82.29~98.42~~28.82~209.53
Time On Strike - week~~~~0~~0~0
Other - week~~1.08~0~~0~1.08
Total Time Account - week~~144~144~~44~332

Fuel Consumption
Diesel (litres)--250-555.59--2539-3344.59
Firewood (tonnes)----0--40-40

LocationRemarksInput ByCertified By
ANRemoving Tramp Iron From Cane Conveyor Magnet - .17 hr
Loading Test Weight to Lorry - .33 hr
Out of Cane - 2.34 hrs
Mol Prod - 165.886 tonnes
In lINE Molasses Printer out of Operation.
BCF* Feed holding up in #1 inter carrier 0.08 hr.
* Magnet choked 0.17 hr.
* All inline scales operable.
* Scale printers not working.
* Tonnes Molasses produced = 105.506
ICBULow steam - Accumulating fuel 2.42 hrs.
Juice treatment distribution panel breaker damaged 3.08 hrs.
(3 stops) #1 mill backing down 0.59 hrs.
(2 stops) Low steam-muddy canes 0.67 hrs.
(5 stops) Weigh hopper opening sluggish 1.84 hrs.
(3 stops) Feeder table empty 0.75 hrs.
All inline scales operable.
Molasses and Juice printers not operable.
Molasses produced = 79.751





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