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Essential information

This section contains essential information especially relevant to individuals accessing GuySuCo's computer infrastructure but which may also apply to others. If you have never been here, please be encouraged to familiarize yourself with all of the content provided.

Contact numbers for reporting danger or damage to computer and communications equipment.
We would greatly appreciate if you would contact ISD if there is any unusual situation affecting or is likely to affect: UPS, telephones, telephone cables, computers, antenna mast, or any other computer or communication related items on your location.

The contact numbers for ISD in these instances are 6-708-206, 225-0120 and 227-0409. After work hours or on weekends these numbers will ring at the security who will be able to either put you on to the appropriate person to talk to or relay the message.

It would also be appreciated if you would ensure this is circulated within your work department especially to those who do not have access to GuySuCo’s Intranet site.

Brief guide to using the Windows NT network
Contains important information for those of you new to the Windows NT Network. Read it at least once to ensure that you know the basics of using the network.

Creating a secure password
In any network situation, such as ours, the security of your information should be of paramount importance. This article teaches you how to create an ironclad password so that you can avoid being the victim of a snoop.

Using GUYSUCO's electrical outlets
If you need to plug devices into GUYSUCO's electrical outlets, do not do so before reading this very important guideline.

Reporting a virus threat
Occasionally, you may receive an e-mail correspondence from a trusted or other source warning of a virus and, in an effort to protect your friends and acquaintances, you forward the message to them. While this may seem like the right thing to do, it is possible that you could actually be causing more harm than good.

Email Etiquette
We all want to experience the benefits of electronic mail in a way that is most effective, efficient and polite and, while a standard of usage has not been chiseled in stone, there are a few courtesies and customs that you should observe ...

Occupational Health & Safety Policies
Contains important information about Occupational Health & safety Policies.